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Comedian Kenny Mock has been delivering laughs and smiles for over a decade. His high-energy performance and quick wit make him a crowd favorite. Kenny is the 2023 winner of the World Series Of Comedy. His shows are tailored to the crowd and can range from family-friendly to adult humor. With over a decade of experience, Kenny has performed at comedy clubs, cruise ships, and corporate events. His stories of growing up in an 11 sibling household have audiences rolling with laughter. Get ready for a night of entertainment like no other – book a show with Comedian Kenny Mock 

"Kenny Mock will have your sides hurting. You got to see him live!"

New York Fan

"This guy is the next big thing in comedy. Just watch and see, man he's funny."

Boston Fan

"He has his own style, authentic and hilarious. Just how i like my comedians."

Arizona Fan

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